Linux Piter 2019 / Remi Denis-Courmont: "VLC media player intro and news" / Санкт-Петербург, Россия / 4 октября 2019 - 5 октября 2019

Linux Piter 2019

4 октября 2019 (пт), 09:00 - 5 октября 2019 (сб), 19:00

Осталось: 2 месяца
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Осталось: 2 месяца

Remi Denis-Courmont: "VLC media player intro and news"


VLC media player intro and news

We will quickly go through the history and organization of the VLC media player project and the foundation behind it. Then we will look at the high- level pipeline architecture of a software media player, with containers, codecs, filters, etc. Most importantly, we will review the key new features in VLC 3.0 and ongoing work and predictions for the upcoming VLC 4.0 and future versions.
Remi Denis-Courmont
Finland. Espoo
VLC lead architect
VideoLAN foundation

I joined the VLC media player as a student in 2003, and eventually became the lead architect for the open-source project. Since graduating from the French engineering school École Centrale Paris, I have been a system software developer for Linux/Android mobile devices, and am based in Helsinki, Finland.

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